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By Tim Rusling - February 04, 2019

The silent piano was invented in the late 1950s by Yahama, who over the years have continued to perfect the technology.


The SILENT Piano SC2 system is just another example of Yamaha’s ability to finely tune their systems. The SC2 has taken significant steps to improve over its predecessor the SILENT Piano SG2.


What is a Silent Piano?


A silent piano is a type of acoustic piano where the strings can be silenced by preventing the hammers from hitting them. These kinds of pianos are designed for silent practice, where sensors pick up the movement of piano keys, converting them to a MIDI signal.


This sophisticated sensor-technology enables the user to play a real acoustic piano with headphones at any time, day or night, without disturbing others. The Yamaha Silencing System is one of the most technologically advanced on the market, featuring a broad range of pre-recorded sounds, the ability to record and listen back to your performances and connect mobile devices with a selection of the latest apps.


Sounds From the Concert Hall

inside frame

The Yamaha SILENT Piano SC2 features the individually sampled sounds from some of the world’s most legendary grand pianos – from Yamaha's beautiful concert grand to the legendary Bösendorfer Imperial. This gives you the ability to play the concert piano of your dreams completely immersed in the atmosphere of the music hall from the comfort of your own home.


Yamaha’s flagship CFX grand piano boasts a wide variety of tones, from effervescent high notes to booming bass tones. The Bösendorfer, meanwhile, is known for its full-bodied, rich Viennese sound.



Rich & Accurate Sound Reproduction


Ten Different Instruments


The SILENT Piano SC2 offers ten pre-installed sounds from electric pianos, harpsichord, and organs, which allows you to select the voice to suit your musical preferences.



CFX Audio Sampling


CFX Audio Sampling


Yamaha’s sophisticated binaural sampling technology takes samples from Yamaha’s CFX concert grand piano using highly-tuned microphones that capture the location and the nuance of individual sounds.


The result is so smooth and so natural that you’ll forget that you’re even wearing headphones at all.




VRM Physical Modeling


VRM Physical Modeling


This is the natural vibration caused by the body of the concert grand piano.


In a grand piano, sound echoes through the body of the instrument, which results in a rich reverberation that produces a wall of sound. This process is reproduced using highly-advanced Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM).


The original VRM calculates the condition of the strings for each of the eighty-eight keys on a piano, from one moment to the next. It also takes into account the timing and depth when the damper pedals are pressed.


The enhanced VRM will also calculate aliquot vibration within the upper octaves, and the full resonance of the rim, frame and soundboard.


This kind of technology offers a realistic, vivid and varied form of expression that showcases the limitless number of factors which make playing the piano such a joyous pastime.


Seamless Transition From Staccato to Legato

The SILENT Piano SC2, features the very latest iteration of the Yamaha Smooth Release technology, offering the crisp staccato inflexion and the continual tone as the keys are released. This provides an incredibly nuanced response to how the pianist is playing.



The very moment a pianist’s fingers lift from the keys of a grand piano, minute changes in tone occur as the tampers lower onto the strings to restrict its sound. The key-off samples are actual recordings of these changes, offering a faithful reproduction of even the most subtle of changes.


The Tactile Touch





Key Sensors – Under every one of the eighty-eight keys is a unique continuous-detection grey-scale shutter key sensor, pioneered by Yamaha. These sensors can detect the continuous movement of the keys, which means the player can play with complete freedom and flair even when the SILENT Piano function is active.


These sensors never come into contact with the keys, which keeps the tactile feel of the keys the same, whether in silent mode or not.


Quick Escape System – A grand piano fitted with the silent technology utilises a quick escape system which means that the muting mechanism can be fitted to the instrument without sacrificing any of the performance qualities.


The system works by adjusting the distance between the hammers and the strings to ensure maximum playability whether playing acoustically or silently.



Ergonomic Design






The Yamaha SILENT Piano SC2 is designed with simplicity and sophistication in mind. A whole host of apps available to enhance your piano playing, such as the “Smart Pianist” will enable you to select the pianos “voice”, control the metronome with a smart interface, or display the score on your smart device.


The control unit is designed to ensure that it can blend seamlessly with the piano’s visual composition and is simple to operate.



Yamaha is continuing to play a leading role in the industry and is consistently creating new and innovative solutions, and the SILENT piano system is no different.


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