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Why We Love Sauter Pianos

By Lucy Maddox - March 02, 2021

Over the course of several generations Sauter pianos have been awarded patents and gained international acclaim, yet they remain widely unknown in the UK. We aim to change that!


Sauter Pianos: World’s Oldest Piano Manufacturer


As the world’s oldest manufacturer of pianos still in business today, Sauter have over 200 years’ worth of experience in engineering pianos, and their passion for precision make them popular among performers and technicians alike, and is why we at Coach House Pianos have become their main distributor in the UK, showcasing their fantastic range of Grand Pianos and Upright Pianos.


Sauter 130 mahogany 12221 DSCF1489

 Established in 1819



"I found Sauter to be of the highest quality and equal to the ability of Bösendorfer and Steinway. A Sauter piano has a special, dark sound and a lot to discover. It doesn't give everything away at once, but rewards dedication."


- Harriet Stubbs, Concert Pianist



Where it began


Founded in the Black Forest in South West Germany and engineered using 100% German parts, Sauter is a world-class European piano manufacturer with a standard of excellence.


Sauter’s story begins with Johann Grimm, who studied piano making under Johann Andreas Streicher in Vienna.  Streicher was close friends with Beethoven and piano teacher to Mozart’s son, and his wife ran Beethoven's household for many years.


The seed for Sauter was therefore planted in the very heart of Vienna’s musical scene, as Grimm assisted in making pianos for some of the greatest composers in history.


When he returned to his home in Germany in 1819, he was fired up and ready to start building pianos of his own!




                                            Original Workshops in Spaichingen, Germany



How it developed


Much like Coach House Pianos, Sauter are a family business at heart, passing down through the generations and improving year by year to become one of the finest piano manufacturers in the world today.


Sauter History#2



Grimm's successor was his nephew, Carl Sauter, and it was Carl that developed the original workshops into a larger factory. 


When Carl's son, Johanna Sauter, later inherited the business he took it to new heights. Travelling extensively, Johann  brought back many new ideas and innovations from America and other locations.


Johann Sauter's son, Carl Sauter II, led the company from 1909 and was the force behind the expansion of the factory and its increase in production. Under his leadership Sauter became known more and more throughout Germany for delivering outstanding quality and improved piano models.


Hans Sauter, Carl Sauter II's son,  took over operations in 1948, applying new scientific discoveries, new technology and new materials to contemporary piano manufacturing.



The Sound of Sauter


The  sound and design of Sauter pianos were soon being exported worldwide!


Carl Sauter III, brother of Hans, took over in 1968 and constructed a new factory building between 1974 and 1983. With the development of the double repetition action and the introduction of the high-quality M series in the early 90s, Sauter continued to find success.


Their patented Double Repetition Action is perhaps what they are best known for, and this features in almost all their pianos as standard, allowing for speedy and sensitive playing on uprights (where gravity works against you) as much as on grands.



  Double Repetition Action in Upright Piano



The Details


Additional details such as:

  • Heavy-duty music desks with multiple adjustable positions;
  • Over-engineered hinges on the lid props;
  • Easily adjusted damper parts for finer regulation and;
  • Internal hygrometers to monitor the perfect climate for your instrument

all combine to make Sauter pianos some of the best engineered pianos on the market.





Sauter Grand 185 DSCF4301

Over-engineered hinges on lid props on Grand Piano



Sauter 130 mahogany 12221 DSCF1491

Internal Hygrometers




Sauter today


After Carl Sauter III's retirement in 1993, Otto Hott acquired a majority share of the company. He runs Sauter today together with Ulrich Sauter.





Sauter at Coach House Pianos


Among our selection of grand pianos and upright pianos, we currently have a selection of wonderful instruments from Sauter available at Coach House Pianos, including: 



Sauter Vivace Grand Piano


Designed by acclaimed interior designer Peter Maly, the Vivace is a contemporary version of a grand piano. It maintains a classic shape but with some more modern elements, such as stainless steel legs. 


Sauter Vivace DSCF8326

Sauter Vivace Grand Piano by Peter Maly

Sauter Vivace DSCF8349Sauter Vivace Grand Pianos by Peter Maly




Sauter Masterclass 130 Upright Piano


Featuring white spruce harvested from the Fiemme Valley in Germany, walnut core hammerheads and a hand-polished cast plate, the masterclass uprights are indeed instruments of mastery.


Sauter 130 mahogany 12221 DSCF1476

Sauter Masterclass 130 Upright Piano

Sauter 130 mahogany 12221 DSCF1481

Sauter Masterclass 130 Upright Piano



Sauter School Piano


This functional yet aesthetically pleasing model is perfect for schools, churches, clubs and stages. With a bumper/transport handle, this piano is easy to move around for classes and concerts.



Sauter School Upright Piano


Sauter School Upright Piano


At Coach House Pianos we have a wonderful selection of these premium grand pianos and upright pianos available to trial and purchase. If you would like any more information about the brand or a specific piano model, then please do get in touch. 


If you love Sauter already or have any questions, please leave a comment below.








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