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4 things you need to consider when choosing a new piano

By admin - November 15, 2016

When it comes to selecting the right piano for your home, recording studio or educational facility, it can be difficult to know where to begin. There are thousands of models on the market, each of which claiming to offer something unique, so how do you find a new piano that works for you?

To offer assistance, the Coach House Pianos team has put together four important points to consider when you select a new piano, so read on before perusing our website.


      1. Space

Whether you’re looking to purchase your first piano or you want to upgrade an existing model, the chances are that you are concerned about space. Although pianos are a large piece of furniture, it’s possible to fit one into virtually any home by following some modern interior design trends. Tuck yours into the corner of your dining room, find a space by the staircase or use an empty corner of your home – there are hundreds of opportunities for incorporating a piano into your home.



      1. Type

Pianos can be purchased in two design types – grand or upright. Both styles offer benefits and drawbacks relating to space, price and sound quality. While a grand piano requires significant space within your home and has a higher price tag, it offers a superior sound quality. Upright pianos, on the other hand, are generally cheaper and more space-effective, but often cannot match the sound quality of a grand piano. Consider which features are most important to you.



      1. Digital vs. Acoustic

When it comes to acoustic pianos, very little has changed since the days of Bartolomeo Cristofori. They still offer the same authentic sound quality with felt-covered hammers and steel wire strings, require regular tuning and maintenance, and offer a set sound that can be tinkered with by the player. A digital piano, however, uses electronic speakers to play back high-quality recordings from acoustic pianos and can feature weighted keys, improved timbres and USB-recording.

If you’re an experienced pianist, then you may prefer the authenticity of an acoustic piano, while beginners and musicians often find the flexibility and portability of digital pianos more effective.



      1. Budget

Although we offer highly competitive prices for all of our products, we understand that pianos are an investment piece and can expensive. When it comes to setting aside a budget for your model, it is important to consider quality and longevity – there’s little point in buying a discounted or second-hand model if it is going to require expensive maintenance and repairs to keep it up to scratch.

If you are having trouble deciding why not try out our new Piano Chooser.

At Coach House Pianos, we provide easy financing options for your convenience, alongside a price promise, free delivery, and a part exchange scheme if you are looking to upgrade your older model.

We are passionate about supporting and engaging more people in music making. If you’d like to find out more about what we do or enquire about one of our many piano models, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experts at Coach House Pianos today.

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