Why Learning To Play The Piano Can Help Your Child Develop and Grow, With Tips from Award Winning Pianist Adam Gyorgy.

By Tim Rusling | Marketing - January 18, 2018

Adam Gyorgy, multi-award winning professional pianist, was just 5 years old when he discovered the joy of music and fell in love with playing the Piano. His father was an engineer and always encouraged him to learn to play a musical instrument, knowing the benefits it would bring both to his personal development and academic progression.


During a recent interview, Adam recalls how regular piano-playing lessons and practice enabled him to grow and develop into the successful, well-rounded person he is today. Adam Gyorgy has won 5 awards to date, and in 2012 performed at the opening ceremony of the UEFA European Cup. 


Express Emotions

Adam was able to use the piano to express the many emotions of growing up. The varied paces and tones the piano would sing out perfectly showcasing his feelings and emotions at the time. Beautiful music could be created from the memories of the day and this enabled his mind to run free.


Learn About The World

Mastering the many notes, rhythms and styles created from great pianists around the world opens children's minds to different cultures and traditions, enabling them to become a more culturally-aware individual.


Discover Their True Self

Creating short tunes and songs develops a child's creativity. Learning more about what sounds they like and do not like helps children discover more about themselves.


Develop Discipline and Patience

Learning to read sheet music requires a degree of patience and discipline to master. Separating the black keys from the white ones, translating ‘Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge’ into EGBDF keys, and distinguishing one sound from another all requires time, and teaches a child how to dedicate themselves to achieve a specific goal.


Master Social Skills

Whether playing a Christmas Song to the family over Christmas Day, or providing the backing sound to the school play, learning to play the piano grows a child’s social skills. The piano is an excellent communication tool and enables children to learn how to connect with an audience.



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